Itchfunding Games

This is an as up to date as possible list of TTRPG's I know to be crowdfunding using or similar sites as an alternative to traditional crowdfunding sites. If I missed any, just shoot me a message and I'll get them added as soon as possible! I update most often on Saturdays, but will get to it sooner if possible!

Currently Running Projects

Here is the (again as far as I know) up to date list of all games currently crowdfunding on itch, or similar non-kickstarter platforms. To sort the Google doc in different ways, you can check it out here.

Finished Funding!

Everything here is post funding, and either finished, or moving towards a finished state! Games are listed alphabetically!

  • 30 Days of MÖRK BORG Adventure Chapbook Vol.1 - Rugose Kohn - Three unique offerings for MÖRK BORG consisting of a procedurally generated dungeon, a point crawl, and a hex crawl; all in one tome.

  • Anamnesis - Samantha Leigh - Anamnesis is a solo journaling RPG about self-discovery, reflection, and identity. You play as an individual who has woken up with memory loss. You do not remember who you are, where you are, or what you care about. As you draw tarot cards, you fill the blank spaces of your past and learn more about your present.

  • Boy Problems Side-B - Boy Problems - An expansion to the original Carly Rae Jepsen-inspired cyberpunk heist game, Boy Problems Side-B will provide new jobs for your crew, expand on character customization, and let you carve out a home for yourself. There is even more intrigue that awaits, are you ready?

  • The Man and The Stag - Beau Jágr Sheldon - The Man and the Stag is a game for two players where they tell stories and play out scenes about the unusual The Man who stays in their cabin in the woods and alone... except for The Stag from the copse who wants to influence the world of man with magic. Whether this connection leads to a revelation or condemnation does truly depend on the cards.

  • The Necromancer - KeganExe - The Necromancer is a one player The Wretched hack that uses birthday candles, a tarot deck, a 6 sided dice, and a journal to tell the queer story of a necromancer desperate to return their dead love back to life.


Have I missed something (a game, a bad description, etc)? Shoot me a message here, or at my twitter linked below. I try to update weekly (usually Saturdays), but might get to it sooner just depending on how my work week is going ya feel?


What is Itchfunding?
Itchfunding is just a community effort to move more games outside of traditional crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter or sites of it's ilk, for the health of the indie game community. The ideal being that in the future, it's easier to launch and fund a game without needing to rely on a massive corporation like Kickstarter, but also to keep all of your things in one place (in that the place you go to raise money, is also your normal store front).

Why Itchfunding
Moving away from companies like Kickstarter has been a conversation for a long time! I first heard the conversation in the form of "degreening" which is a term coined by the Brain Trust Podcast. Degreening being the act of applying Kickstarter practices in places that aren't Kickstarter. Moving away from Kickstarter is healthy for a few reasons generally though:
Kickstarter locks out creators from most country. Only people living in 25 countries have access to Kickstarter. More games succeeding outside of that ecosystem makes it easier for designers all around the world who might not have access to one specific website.Kickstarter has a habit of dead-naming trans people, and makes you jump through a ton of hoops to change your name on their platform.Kickstarter specifically has a lot of history that might make people uncomfortable using it. The Perfect RPG fiasco is just the latest example of what could go wrong with having a singular platform hold so much market share.Kickstarter has fairly uneven rules applications for indie projects vs projects from bigger companies. The big one is seemingly that bigger companies are allowed to simultaneously run any number of projects, while independent creators are pushed to fully ship one thing before moving onto the next. This makes making steady money off of games harder than it could be.
Why the Itchfunding List?
Simply put, Itch sorting fucking sucks. Like completely fucking blows, and outside of this site, there is no good way to see all the projects that made the jump (as far as I know). Centralizing all of the games I could find in one place makes it easier to check out things you might otherwise miss, the same way a marketplace anywhere else would. The List ends up being a cool resource, and an easy way to shout out a ton of great designers all at once.

What is the endgoal?
I personally think there is a future where indie designers don’t rely on any single website, and ultimately can supplant Kickstarter as the one website where games can really make big numbers. It’s just about broadening the horizon of RPG players, and proving there are plenty of places you can find new games and designers. It’s a war of attrition, and it's gonna require an actual effort on the part of the scene to do it, but if this helps that even a little, that's sick as hell.

Are there other cool lists like this?
Yeah actually, check out the Physical Game Jams List by mv that inspired this page!

How do I set up an itchfunding page on itch?
A better version of this tutorial is incoming still, but if you make a sale with a funding goal for your game, you can get a cool little countdown bar!


PlusOneExp Itchfunding Panels:
I'll update all of this with overall notes on the panels somewhere down the line, but here are the unedited interviews for the time being!
Part 1 with Jeff Stormer:

Part 2 with Adam Bell, Nic Masyk, and Keganexe:
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Part 3 with Sam Leigh, and Thomas Manuel: